In our toddler room we support the children’s interests and individual developmental needs; we give encouragement to develop their social skills and emerging independence skills.

The practitioners incorporate the nursery routine and provide activities that are fun and exciting to aid the children’s developmental needs.

We acknowledge that every child is an individual and that their needs differ from one child to another, so we work closely with parents with toilet training, and personal and social development e.g. sharing skills and self regulation.

The toddlers begin to feel a sense of individuality through their interactions with people and exploring the world around them. Practitioners encourage children to build positive relationships with others creating strong bonds with peers and their key person.

The room has a large role play area where the children can practice things they see in their everyday lives; the children also have access to the nursery garden at least twice a day.

Whilst your child is in the toddler room we will conduct a 2 year old check, in line with current government legislation. This check will support the home based 2 year old developmental check that your health visitor will conduct.

Two year old checks are completed to ensure that children are making good levels of development within the suggested guidelines of the EYFS. It will also help your child’s key person identify any specific areas where any additional support maybe needed. If there are any areas of concern, the nursery will offer support to your child and family or sign post you to anyone who can help.

The toddler room is run by Ginette, our highly qualified Deputy Manager and , our full time level 3 practitioner.

We also have in-house CCTV in every room, enabling management to oversee the base rooms at all times offering a secure environment for all children, staff and visitors.