Susannah, the nursery Proprietor and experienced Early Years Teacher,  runs the preschool room. When the children reach this room, we start to encourage “school readiness” through activities and experiences.

Preschool aged children are eager to learn, explore and ask questions about the world and environment around them. They build their independence and self help skills through role play using school uniform in the dressing up box.

Interactions with peers and adults help the children gain a sense of individuality and highlights similarities and differences between them and others.

The children’s self help skills become more imbedded as practitioners encourage children to try things for themselves before intervening such as; putting their own coats on and try the do the zip, attending to their own toileting needs independently, cutting up their own food, pouring their own water and/or milk to drink, amongst other things.

Preschool aged children also become more in tune with their own and others emotions and feelings, and things that may upset others. The children are also more accepting of boundaries set and will helpfully remind their peers of the nursery golden rules.

The preschool room’s routine is more structured to begin to prepare the children for school, children partake in circle time and have more adult led learning opportunities, where the children are encouraged to recognise their own names, play turn taking games, participate in cooking activities, and complete simple maths problems.

TCCL’s aim is to ensure that children are ready to enjoy all aspects of school, by having strong social skills, separating from carers, have strong self help skills, and are ready and eager to learn.

We also have in-house CCTV in every room, enabling management to oversee the base rooms at all times offering a secure environment for all children, staff and visitors.