General information about the nursery. 

Partnerships with Parents

At TCCL we respect parents as their child’s first and most enduring carers. From settling and day-to-day care to assessing and planning, we include and value parents’ input. It is important for children to witness the good relationships between parents and practitioners.

For babies and toddlers we complete a daily diary with detailed information about the child’s time at nursery.  As well as daily hand-over discussions and our open door policy, parents are invited for regular reviews on their child’s progression.

We use Baby’s Day’s – an Ofsted approved secure software application that provides parents with private access to their own children’s daily diary and developmental learning journey, as well as relevant nursery policies and permissions.  Further information can be found at

Settling In

We understand the importance of children settling; feeling safe and comfortable in a new environment. Therefore we work with parents/carers to devise a settling in programme that caters for individual needs. All About Me booklets help practitioners and parents share information such as feeding and sleeping routines, children’s interests and comfort strategies. Each child is assigned a Key Person who will have the main responsibility of caring, assessing and planning for them as well as building positive, working relationships with the child, parents and family. We aim to make our nursery as homely as possible to promote comfort and security together with a sense of belonging and trust for each and every child and parent.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

TCCL believes that no child should be excluded from the nursery’s activities because the child has SEND as defined by the Children Act 1989 and the Education act 1993.

TCCL will take every opportunity to ensure that the parent of a child with SEND is welcomed in the same manner as all other parents. We will aim to acquire the necessary information about the specific situation to further support the parents.

TCCL will offer staff training where possible to increase their knowledge and skills to ensure that each child is offered equal opportunities within the nursery.

Our SENCO works closely with the manager and with all practitioners in the setting; has responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the setting’s SEND policy, and for co-ordinating provision across the setting; and for supporting colleagues in all aspects of their work with children with SEND.


We have a named practitioner responsible for behaviour in the nursery and we work closely with parents for consistency. Behaviour strategies exist in each room and are age/stage appropriate whilst taking into consideration individual children’s understanding and needs. Through activities, circle times and good adult examples, our children learn to be caring, thoughtful and accepting of others. Children are involved in decision and rule-making processes, giving them a sense of self-worth, ownership and inclusion.

We operate four ‘golden rules’ across the nursery:

      Kind hands;

      Walking feet;

      We share our toys;

      We always say “please” and “thank-you”.

Outings and Visitors

We endeavour to provide our children with experiences to enhance their learning and knowledge of the world. As well as arranged and trusted visitors, such as owners of unusual pets or incredible eggs, we are fortunate enough to be well-located for taking the children on spontaneous outings into the local environment.  For example, we may visit shops to buy fruit for fruit-painting, the local park or visit the library.

Our Preschool room also take weekly visits to the local residential care home to create some strong connections with the young and elderly, the children visit the residents and sing nursery rhymes as well as other activities to brighten up their day.

Sickness and Medicines

If a child becomes ill during the nursery day, we contact their parent(s) and ask them to pick up their child as soon as possible. During this time we care for the child in a quiet, calm area with their key person, wherever possible

We follow the guidance given to us by Public Health England (formerly the Heath Protection Agency) in Guidance on Infection Control in Schools and other Child Care Settings and advice from our local health protection unit on exclusion times for specific illnesses, e.g. sickness and diarrhoea, measles and chicken pox, to protect other children in the nursery.

Should a child have an infectious disease, such as sickness and diarrhoea, they must not return to nursery until they have been clear for at least 48 hours. We inform all parents if there is a contagious infection identified in the nursery, to enable them to spot the early signs of this illness. We thoroughly clean and sterilise all equipment and resources that may have come into contact with a contagious child to reduce the spread of infection.

We exclude all children on antibiotics for the first 24 hours of the course. This is because it is important that children are not subjected to the rigours of the nursery day, which requires socialising with other children and being part of a group setting, when they have first become ill and require a course of antibiotics

We have the right to refuse admission to a child who is unwell. This decision will be taken by a member of management on duty and is non-negotiable

Arrival and Collection

We welcome children into nursery from 7am and are to be collected by 6pm. We ask that parents adhere to opening and closing times as we are not registered/insured to care for children outside these times. The nursery reserves the right to charge for late collections and early drop offs, at £1 per minute. Only named, authorised collectors, over the age of 16 and that are stated a child’s registration form will be permitted to collect that child. In unexpected circumstances, parents can notify us by telephone, giving a password and description of unfamiliar collectors.