0 – 5 years

Full Time                        7am – 6pm                         £225.00  weekly

Full Day                          7am – 6pm                          £62.00    daily

6 hour session               9am-3pm                            £49.00    daily

Half Day                        9am -1pm                             £33.00    daily

                                       1pm – 5pm                           £33.00     daily

Hourly Rate                                                                £10.50      per hour

Children who attend more than 6 hours per day will be charged at the full day rate.

At TCCL we understand that childcare costs can be a struggle, and are proud to offer some of the most competitive fees in the area.

We ask that fees are paid in full by the 10th of every month. Parents and carer’s will only receive one reminder email before the 10th of the month if the fees are at risk of a late payment. We will only allow 2 working days for your fees to be overdue then a £40.00 late charge fee will be added to your account. If fees haven’t been paid after this, we will refuse child care for your child until your fees have been paid in full. Continual failure to pay promptly will result in your child losing their place.

TCCL will not operate on bank holidays, Fees for bank holiday will still be charged.

There will be no refund for sickness holidays or bank holidays as your child’s place is secured throughout the year. It is not possible to arrange for your child to “make up” time in case of an absence from nursery.

We request that parents provide formula milk in bottles as appropriate.  Nappies and wipes are also to be provided by parents.

Please speak to the Manager about different combinations for Government funded sessions.

Extra hourly rates for all children during opening times, outside of those listed above, is £10.50 per hour, £5.25 per half hour. Government funded children are charged £3.50 a hot lunch and £1.90 for a light tea.

A rate of £1.00 will be charged for every 1 minute that any child is collected later than their pre-arranged time, as this can severely affect the staffing ratios.

A rate of £1.00 will be charged for every 1 minute that any child is collected later than 6:00 PM

We accept all types of childcare vouchers and the Government tax free childcare scheme.